Friday, July 8, 2011


New class commencement in Mid September 2011

Part A:
Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Theory)
  Understand and able to describe the anatomy & physiolog, diseases & disorders of:
      - Cell & tissues
      - The skin
      - Skeletal system
      - Muscular system
      - Circulatory system
      - Lymphatic system
      - Respiratory system
      - Urinary system
      - Digestive system
      - Nerves system
      - Endocrine system
      - Reproductive system
      - Revision

FEES:  S$1,500.00 by 3 instalments (Cash, cheque or Visa/Master card)
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and support by email or classroom discussions

Part B
- Diploma in Lymphatic system (Theory & Practical)
   Understand and able to discribe the functions, diseases and disorders of the Lymphatic System
  Able to perform a full Lymphatic drainage treatment after the completion of training.
      - The Lymph
      - The functions of lymph fluid, lymph nodes & lymph vessels
      - The techniques (Rotary circles, stationary circles, pumping, scoop etc)
      - The effect of the Lymph Drainage techniques
      - The diseases and disorders
      - Cautions and contra-indication to Lymph Drainage techniques/treatment
      - Client care & consultation skills
      - Post treatment advice
      - Home care advice
      - The code of ethics

FEES: S$1,800.00 by 3 instalments in Cash, cheque or Visa/Master card
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and the use of facilities

Case Studies:
3 Models of 3 times each.

Part C
- Diploma In Aromatherapy
  Able to understand and describe:
      - The history & trend
      - The fragrant mind, use and abuse
      - Synergy and quality
      - Extraction methods
      - Plant taxonomy
      - General properties & contraindications of essential oils
      - Carrier oil
      - Blending techniques (Face & body massage oil, shower gel, therapeutic talc, lotion and perfume)
      - Consultation skill
   Able to perform a full Madame Murray Technique
      - Personal hygiene and image, enviromental safety and hygiene
      - Massage table and trolley hygiene and decorations
      - Full sequence of body and face technique
      - Client care and communication skills
      - Consultation & contraindications
      - Blending to individual need
      - Full massage technique

FEES: S$1,800.00 by 3 equal payment by cash, cheque or Visa/Master Card.
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and the use of materials during class.

Case Study Fees:  S$320.00 by Cash, cheque or Visa/Master Card
                            for the use of facilities for 20 visits.


Registration fees (non-refundable) : $100.00 by Cash, cheque or Visa/Master as part of your course fees.

$500.00 off for those who sign-up for all the above 3 Courses.

Class capacity: 10 students/per class

Day class: 4 x 3hours per week.

Evening class: 2 evenings x 3 hrs per week.

For registration: 
Please call 63247890  or Email: