Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 New In take

2012 will be an expecte busy year not only our Overseas education (new courses) but also Export of finest quality aromatherapy products but also our Charity work.  Therefore, there will be limited in-take.

Feb/Mar 2012

1) Diploma in Human anatomy & physiology
2) Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage
3) Diploma in Aromatherapy

Only Day class is available with limitation of 10 students for this first half of the year.

For course enquiry, pls send us your emial, telephone contact and a little infomation about yourself
we will attend to you as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, your are invited to visit our Website:
Charity work:!/dianna.lim
Lions Club of Singapore Somerset:

Enjoy viewing!

Friday, July 8, 2011


New class commencement in Mid September 2011

Part A:
Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Theory)
  Understand and able to describe the anatomy & physiolog, diseases & disorders of:
      - Cell & tissues
      - The skin
      - Skeletal system
      - Muscular system
      - Circulatory system
      - Lymphatic system
      - Respiratory system
      - Urinary system
      - Digestive system
      - Nerves system
      - Endocrine system
      - Reproductive system
      - Revision

FEES:  S$1,500.00 by 3 instalments (Cash, cheque or Visa/Master card)
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and support by email or classroom discussions

Part B
- Diploma in Lymphatic system (Theory & Practical)
   Understand and able to discribe the functions, diseases and disorders of the Lymphatic System
  Able to perform a full Lymphatic drainage treatment after the completion of training.
      - The Lymph
      - The functions of lymph fluid, lymph nodes & lymph vessels
      - The techniques (Rotary circles, stationary circles, pumping, scoop etc)
      - The effect of the Lymph Drainage techniques
      - The diseases and disorders
      - Cautions and contra-indication to Lymph Drainage techniques/treatment
      - Client care & consultation skills
      - Post treatment advice
      - Home care advice
      - The code of ethics

FEES: S$1,800.00 by 3 instalments in Cash, cheque or Visa/Master card
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and the use of facilities

Case Studies:
3 Models of 3 times each.

Part C
- Diploma In Aromatherapy
  Able to understand and describe:
      - The history & trend
      - The fragrant mind, use and abuse
      - Synergy and quality
      - Extraction methods
      - Plant taxonomy
      - General properties & contraindications of essential oils
      - Carrier oil
      - Blending techniques (Face & body massage oil, shower gel, therapeutic talc, lotion and perfume)
      - Consultation skill
   Able to perform a full Madame Murray Technique
      - Personal hygiene and image, enviromental safety and hygiene
      - Massage table and trolley hygiene and decorations
      - Full sequence of body and face technique
      - Client care and communication skills
      - Consultation & contraindications
      - Blending to individual need
      - Full massage technique

FEES: S$1,800.00 by 3 equal payment by cash, cheque or Visa/Master Card.
INCLUSIVE: Handouts and the use of materials during class.

Case Study Fees:  S$320.00 by Cash, cheque or Visa/Master Card
                            for the use of facilities for 20 visits.


Registration fees (non-refundable) : $100.00 by Cash, cheque or Visa/Master as part of your course fees.

$500.00 off for those who sign-up for all the above 3 Courses.

Class capacity: 10 students/per class

Day class: 4 x 3hours per week.

Evening class: 2 evenings x 3 hrs per week.

For registration: 
Please call 63247890  or Email:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Congratulations to all who completed their Bowen Therapy Professional Course!

Our next New In take for August 2011 is now open for registration.

Hurry! if you have missed the boat last year!

The Course title:  TBT (Bowen Therapy) Part 1

The Duration:  2 Days (9am - 5pm)

The Date:  20th & 21st August, 2011 (To be final confirm)

Class size: 12 students.  First come, first served base on deposit of $200.00 received.

The Fees: S$560.00  

Click here for registration or contact us at 63247890 for an assistance.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Annoucing course date for Bowen Therapy Professional Course

Date: 24th & 25th May 2011

Time: 0900hrs - 1700hrs

Lecture by: Ross Emmett (Australia)

Fees: S$560.00

Pre-requisit: Must complete TBT Course Pt 1 & Pt 2.

Registration closing date: 05/05/2011

Class size: 14 maximum

Current status: 9 seats taken

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Annoucing TBT Professional Course for those who have done TBT Part 1 & 2
by Ross Emmett is now OPEN for registration.

Date: 24th & 25th May 2011

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Fees: S$560.00 (Cash or Cheque prefer)

Deposit: S$200.00

Total vacancies available: 12 seats maximum.  First come, first served.
Closing date for registration: 27th April 2011

Current: 4 seats taken.

Enquiry for next coming up TBT & Emmett Technique, please call +65  6324 7890 or

Monday, March 21, 2011

Announcing next Bowen Therapy in-take

Is our pleasure in annoucing the next new class for Bowen Therapy by Ross Emmett from Australia

Schedule to commence in September 2011.  Actual date to be advice.

The course: Bowen Therapy (TBT101 Part 1)

Duration: 2Day (9am - 5pm)

The Fees: $560.00

Deposit: $200.00

Payment: prefer cash, cheque.

Vacancies: Limited to 12 per class.  First come, first serve.

Current: 1 seat taken.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Certificate in Aromatherapy in Stress Management

* Identifying STRESS

* How Stress can ruin our health
       - Behavioral changes
       - Eating
       - Shopping
       - Drugs and alcohol

* Various ways to combat stress

* Understanding 24 types of common essential oils, 3 types of floral water
   relieving stress and stress relating ailments

* DIY - The art of blending.

* 3 Hands-on session on Anti-stress Massage (Back massage, feet care and facial)

Duration: 24 hours (8 session x 3 hours)
Fees: $420.00 (Inclusive of handouts and materials in classroom study)

Course date:  7th June 2011 (Every Tuesday)
                       Morning Class: 9am - 12nn
                       Afternoon Class: 2pm - 5pm
                       Evening Class: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Closing date for registration: 12th April 2011.

Maximum vacancies: 12 per class.  First come, first serve.

10% of course fees proceeds to Lions Club of Singapore, Somerset.

For registration, please contact:
Phone: (+65) 6324 7890