Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Courses Available

ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
You will learning the anatomy and physiology, diseases and disorders of the following systems in our body:

* Cell & tissues (细胞与组织)
* Skin (皮肤系统)
* Skeletal system (骨骼系统)
* Muscular system (肌肉系统)
* Circulatory system (循环系统)
* Lymphatic system (淋巴系统)
* Respiratory system (呼吸系统)
* Urinary system (泌尿系统)
* Digestive system (消化系统)
* Nervous system (神经系统)
* Endocrine system (分泌系统)
* Reproductive system (生殖系统)
* Revision (复习)

Duration: 51hours Classroom study. (课堂学习51小时)
Fees: S$1,500.00 (Handouts provided) (学费包含教材讲义)
Exams Fees: S$200.00/by cash or cheque only(英国ITEC考试费/现金或支票)
Payment: Cash, cheque or credit card (付款方式:现金、支票或信用卡,分两期交缴)
Installments: Interest free installment plan is available

ITEC Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
ITEC 淋巴引流专业证书
Covering 内容包括:
Theory 理论:
* Functions of the Lymph system(淋巴系统的运作)
* Lymph Tissues (淋巴组织)
* Lymph Vessels, Lymph nodes and ducts (淋巴管与淋巴结)
* Disease and disorders (疾病)
* Consultation skills (会诊技巧)
* Cautions and contra-indications to Lymph Drainage Treatment (淋巴引流疗程的禁忌症候)

Preparation before Massage treatment (治疗前的准备功夫)
* Client care (客服)
* Persona and environment safety and hygiene(个人与环境安全与卫生)
* Lymph Drainage Techniques (淋巴引流技巧)
* Compilation of Case study reports (个案报告的处理方法)

Case study at your own premises, 3 Models of 3 times each model.
个案无需在学院完成,3 位受试者各三次

Duration: 100hrs (Theory and Practical) 手法与理论总共时数为100小时
Fees: S$1,800.00 (Inclusive of handouts)学费包含讲义
Payment: Cash, cheque or Credit card 付款方式:现金,支票或者信用卡
Installments: Interest Free Installment plan is available 本院接受分期付款方式缴付学费
ITEC Exams Fees: S$300.00 (in Cash or cheque only) ITEC考试费(现金或支票付款)

ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy
ITEC 芳香疗法国际专业培训
Covering: 包括
Theory: 理论
* The history 历史
* Methods of extraction 萃取方法
* The use and abuse of essential oils 香精油的使用与滥用
* Plant taxonomy 植物学
* Basic Chemistry 基础化学
* Properties of 48 types of essential oils 48种香精油的主要功效
* Carrier Oils 基础油
* Floral Water 花水或纯露
* Hazardous essential oils 含毒性的香精油

Practical: 手法
* Preparation before Massage treatment 治疗前的准备功夫
* Client care 客服
* Persona and environment safety and hygiene 个人和环境卫生与安全
* The Original Margeurite Murray Massage technique 莫利夫人按摩手法
* Consultation and communication skills 会诊技巧
* Revision 复习
* Pre-exams assessment 考前评估

Case Study is compulsory. 个案为强制性
8 models x 5 times or 10 models of 4 times each.8位受试者每人5次或10位受试者每人4次

Duration: 100hrs Classroom study课程总共100小时
Fees: S$1,800.00 (Handouts and materials use during class) 学费包含课堂学习的材料和讲义
Payment: by Cash, cheque or Visa 付款方式:现金,支票或信用卡
Installment: Interest free installment plan is available 本院提供免息分期付款

Case study fees: S$320.00 for 20 visits (the use of our facilities) 个案费用为使用本院设备费用
ITEC Exams fees: S$300.00 (By Cash or Cheque only) ITEC考试费:新币三百元以现金或支票支付

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