Monday, March 21, 2011

Announcing next Bowen Therapy in-take

Is our pleasure in annoucing the next new class for Bowen Therapy by Ross Emmett from Australia

Schedule to commence in September 2011.  Actual date to be advice.

The course: Bowen Therapy (TBT101 Part 1)

Duration: 2Day (9am - 5pm)

The Fees: $560.00

Deposit: $200.00

Payment: prefer cash, cheque.

Vacancies: Limited to 12 per class.  First come, first serve.

Current: 1 seat taken.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Certificate in Aromatherapy in Stress Management

* Identifying STRESS

* How Stress can ruin our health
       - Behavioral changes
       - Eating
       - Shopping
       - Drugs and alcohol

* Various ways to combat stress

* Understanding 24 types of common essential oils, 3 types of floral water
   relieving stress and stress relating ailments

* DIY - The art of blending.

* 3 Hands-on session on Anti-stress Massage (Back massage, feet care and facial)

Duration: 24 hours (8 session x 3 hours)
Fees: $420.00 (Inclusive of handouts and materials in classroom study)

Course date:  7th June 2011 (Every Tuesday)
                       Morning Class: 9am - 12nn
                       Afternoon Class: 2pm - 5pm
                       Evening Class: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Closing date for registration: 12th April 2011.

Maximum vacancies: 12 per class.  First come, first serve.

10% of course fees proceeds to Lions Club of Singapore, Somerset.

For registration, please contact:
Phone: (+65) 6324 7890